Our biology + Our world are complex.

I help to make ease of movement, posture, performance + meditation simple. 

:Restore your sense of self to live with more vitality:


Through Somatic bodywork + Movement           I educate people how to move with less pain,   more ease, coordination, function + more efficiency.

In 10 weeks: 

  • Decrease pain, stress + tension

  • Enhance mind/body awareness

  • Improve ease of movement, mobility + posture

  • Restore ease + efficiency of breath

  • Learn to take ownership of the work through developing your own personal-tailored self-care strategies + movement practice that keeps movement fun + integrated into your lifestyle, scalable + evolving.

:Movement is life, when we are more capable of moving, we can live more optimally:


Guided Somatic Sound Meditation: An ancient technology perfect for modern reality...           In today's world we often don't take time for ourselves to relax, rest, meditate, reflect + down-regulate from our busy lives. 

When we try to, we often encounter various distractions or just find it challenging to find true peace.

Guided sound meditation utilizes spoken guided meditation with entrancing indigenous ceremonial ritual sound tools, to create a dimensional ambient environment that provokes a profound suggestion for deep meditative states. This makes relaxation, ease + peace effortless.

:You not only hear the sounds, but feel them in your body as well: